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Creation, replication and improvement of plastic objects

You need …

  • repair or reinforce parts of objects, models or devices

  • to model a project, architectural plans, a prototype, ect.

  • to create unusual decorative objects

  • to materialize kitchen utensils for example or any other everyday functional objects

  • a unique and personalized gift to offer

We can help you reproduce any plastic part for any purpose.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Do you already have an idea or a project in mind? Contact us!


Many sites dedicated to 3D printing allow you to download free or paid objects of all kinds. Whatever the field; cooking, crafts, hobbies, storage,… you will find models ready to be printed. These are files in STL format that you can send to us and that we will print for you.



Is a part of your household appliance broken and you cannot find a replacement? We offer you a free evaluation of its reproducibility and will provide you with a new part which may even, in some cases, increase the strength and life of your device.
This applies to all areas (household appliances, toys, games, DIY, etc.) and helps to slow down over-consumption by repairing rather than systematically buying back.
We also offer custom-made mechanical parts for any type of use. To do this, you just need to send us a diagram that we can reproduce on a computer and then print.
Once the pieces are drawn, this creative work no longer needs to be redone, we are able to print them as many times as you might need.

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